A Fresh Start

Five years ago…

Since 2014, I’ve undergone rigorous artistic training and pursued a career in freelance illustration, building up a body of work to attract clients and satisfy their needs.

Prior to this summer, my work primarily occupied itself with creating vivid portraits of people in a pen-and-ink vector style.

This required using lots of model reference and spending most of my time trying to obtain a high level of accuracy, while making the image stylized enough to create interest.

Over time, I began to feel stifled creatively, not only because of my routine adherence to reference imagery, but because the strengths of this style are not easily translated over to drawings of locations or situations.

Fast forward to Summer 2019…

In the past 3 months or so, I’ve been researching different styles, and finally settled on one that maintains a highly stylized sensibility, but also provides vastly more applications for my clients, as well as ways to express myself in general.

This particular style of art is called ligne claire, and it has deep roots in Franco-Belgian comics (also called bandes dessinées). From the likes of Tin Tin, Blake & Mortimer, and Moebius, the style originated in the 1950’s, but continues to enjoy popularity in Europe and Asia today.

Not many ligne claire artists are based in the US, which I feel gives me a small leg up in the local market. And while nearly every artist of this style generally uses bold, uniform linework, every one also has a distinct way of illustrating details – from faces to clothing, hair, and elements of the environment.

It also lends itself quite well to animation, which is something I’ll be studying after I make a bit more progress on my portfolio.

And speaking of my portfolio…

I’ve also refreshed the design of this website after several years, stepping away from the cobbled-together Tumblr theme I was using before, and building a new layout from the foundations of a theme on SquareSpace.

The result is something that’s a lot more cohesive and accessible on the front-end, as well as being much easier to manage on the back-end.

A new leaf…

I hope you’ll follow my progress working toward this new direction on my portfolio site, as well as my Instagram. And as always, if you have any project ideas or questions, absolutely feel free to drop me a line.